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Designed to elevate your outdoor adventures to new heights. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Bundutop is the pinnacle of comfort and convenience for campers, explorers, and overland enthusiasts alike. Featuring a robust yet lightweight aluminIum construction, this rooftop tent is built to withstand the the harsh conditions Australia has to offer.

The Bundutop sets itself apart with its innovative electric opening mechanism. With just the push of a button, the tent effortlessly unfolds and expands, ready to provide you with a cozy shelter in a matter of seconds. No more struggling with canvas and complicated setups – the Bundutop makes camping effortless.

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The Bunduawn provides optimal coverage and water run off with its unique “Pro-Pitch” design. The “Pro-Pitch” system simultaneously pops up as the awning is opened providing increased height and adequate fall for water run off.

The Bunduawn is available in multiple configurations including 360 degree, 270 degree and the 270 Square Back in various sizes. The Bunduawn can also be made-to-order in your specified length for custom applications such as Hybrid Caravans and larger offroad vehicles.

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The BunduCube is the latest product on offer from BunduTec – it can be used as a shower cubicle or a dressing room for your privacy needs.

From $599.00

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The BunduSuite can be used as a standalone dressing room for your privacy needs, or in conjunction with the BunduAnnex for a fully closed entrance to your BunduTop. It is nearly double the width of the cube, offering an annex to your BunduTop.

From $990.00

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Our BunduAnnex (Added Room) follows the same product guidelines – ease of use. It offers a private entry to your tent and keeps off the rain. It has openings on each side at the top which due to it’s nature cannot be permanently closed. The side panel used to enclose it is a basic design that offers privacy and ventilation. It was also designed to be easy to use and remove and does not offer any luxurious trimmings, but rather a straightforward design with utility in mind.

From $990.00

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Bundle them together and save. The BunduSuite & BunduAnnex Combo is the perfect solution for full and easy to use privacy.  

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