Bundutop preview


Our flagship product, The Bundutop is a full aluminum construction, and ends up weighing in at 60kg, about 3 full Jerry cans.

The roof can support about 20kg, so you are welcome to install solar panels on top

The tent has a winch inside that lifts/lowers it etc. It is connected to ropes that run on bearings to effectively pull In the awnings/sides etc.

It is made from a durable Rip stop canvas

Our tents have a one year mechanical warranty.

The tent has a 100mm high density foam mattress.

Inside, as well as a 12 volt power outlet ,and an overhead LED light, it also comes with a telescopic aluminium ladder.


Easy To Operate Just Press A Button

Tent Fully Erected With Awning In 18 Seconds. Late into camp, no worries with the press of a button and 18 seconds later you can be snuggled up in your ready made bed.

Tent Folded Down With Awning In 18 Seconds. Bedding remains inside the closed BunduTec Roof Top Tent, freeing up valuable storage space inside your vehicle

All Aluminum Construction (63Kg) No more dirty, dusty covers to struggle with. No more noisy flapping canvas keeping you awake at night.

Large Windows/Doors .Ensures great ventilation, the automatic awning provides protection from the elements.

Window Covers Zip Open And Closed From Inside

Insulated Roof


    • The roof is strong enough to support 2 solar panels evenly mounted on the top of the tent.
    • This is a fantastic option to be able to leave a solar panel permanently connected to an auxiliary battery.
    • No need to ever turn off the car fridge!
    • Ask your dealer about installing solar panels on to your Bundutop.
    • There is enough room above the mattress to leave your bedding inside the tent whilst travelling.
    • This is not only convenient, but a great space saver in your vehicle


  • 2100MM X 1350MM X 300MM
  • Comfy 100MM Thick Mattress. Most Rooftop tents have 50mm or 75mm mattresses.
  • Access your Roof Top Tent From All 4 Sides. This alleviates an inconvenient ladder blocking access to the side or rear door of your vehicle.
  • 12 Volt Light and Power Outlet Inside the Roof Top.
  • 12 Volt Electronic override.
  • Manufactured In South Africa. Home of the original roof top tent
  • Patented Design
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • On display at most listed dealers.