Ostrich Wing Junior

The “Junior” is a slightly smaller version of the very popular Ostrich Wing. The “Junior” backing plate length is 2m (In bag 2.2m) vs. the Ostrich Wing backing Plate length 2.55m (In bag 2.7m). The “Junior” is ideal for SUV’s and Double/Extra Cabs. Like it’s big Brother the “Junior” is a rugged “must have” product for your expedition.
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Ostrich Wing Awnings are considered to be one of the strongest and most reliable self supporting wing awnings on the market.

Made from 320gsm rip-block canvas supported by a number of aluminium frames, this product will provide you with 7sqm of shade in less than 30 seconds. It only takes one person to open it up and it can be used without support poles. This version is standard with a black canvas bag.

The aluminium frames are built from purpose made extrusions, constructed in a “truss” design and pivoted on nylon bushes to provide unmatched sturdiness.

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