Bunduawn 360 degree wrap around poleless awning

Riptech/Aluminised was created by using Riptech300 and coating the one side with a silver resin. The silver side must face towards to the sun in order to redirect as much heat away from the underside of the material. This material is waterproof. This material can be used for awnings, tents, gazebos, tarps, with the prupose of reflecting heat and keeping you cool. This material can make a difference in temperature of up to 5 degrees Celsius
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BunduAwn Is A Wing Awning That Is Quick to Erect and Built Tough – Requires NO Poles and has a massive shade area covering 3 sides of the vehicle. The Aluminised reflective surface provides a cooler area under the awning.
Available in 2 standard sizes

2.45 metre $1,895 and 2.95 metre $1,995

We now also have a HYBRID VAN BunduAwn . Contact your dealer to discuss size options. All custom sizes up to 5m are available
These are extremely robust awnings! Ideal for a massive shade area. The Bundutec BunduAwn 3 sided wing awning offers more shade area than any other vehicle mounted awning. Quick and easy to put up, they are very quick to put up when used as a pole less awning.


Please note that although the awnings can be used without poles, they still require the ropes to be tied down to prevent flip over from gusts of wind. Poles can be added for extra strength in heavier weather conditions if so desired.

Please watch the review by Stefan from All Off Road regarding the optional addition of poles

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