Hybrid Custom Size Awnings 

360 degree wrap around 

The Amazing 3 sided, 360 degree BunduAwn is now available in a range of custom sizes to suit your Hybrid Caravan

It comes in either Olive or Grey Canvas in sizes up to 5m long

The 2.95 will fit Hybrids such as the Modcon C3 and the MDC XT12 and is priced from $2179

The 3m-4m suits most 13 to 14 foot Hybrids, and is priced from $2390

The 4.1m-5m size suits most 15 foot or over Hybrids and is priced from $2590


To determine the size required, simply raise the poptop on your hybrid and measure the maximum outside distance of the scissor lift roof mechanism. The 360 awning will wrap around the 2 ends providing great shade and weather protection.

The build in poles provide extra sturdiness in bad weather. Remember , no awning is designed to be a storm shelter. You are responsible for securing your awning with ropes, and or deciding when to pack it away in high winds.

AS each Hybrid van is constructed differently, no fitting kits are provided. WE recommend that you have your awning installed by someone familiar with the construction of the van.

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